Case Study

The Tedesco Tea

In July 2023, we launched The Tedesco Tea, a captivating video content series designed to showcase Southern California's unique communities. This initiative, led by local real estate expert Kailee Tedesco, resulted in a noticeable increase in direct messages and leads through Instagram. Here's how ALT Content Agency helped shape this successful journey

The Alt Team are true professionals and helped me uplevel my marketing and social media game. They make it easy and seamless and take the stress out the process. Highly recommend!
Kailee Tedesco


The Tedesco Tea, an engaging content series, was brought to life through the strategic collaboration between Kailee Tedesco, a prominent local real estate agent, and Alt Content Agency. Launched in July 2023, our main goal was to provide potential home buyers with an intimate tour of various Southern Californian communities. In doing so, we aimed to create engaging content that would boost inquiries and direct interaction on Instagram.


Our primary objective was to utilize the power of visually compelling and informative content to increase leads and direct messages through Instagram. By highlighting the charm and uniqueness of these communities, we aimed to aid Kailee Tedesco in her mission of helping clients find their dream homes.


ALT leveraged its content creation expertise to develop The Tedesco Tea. The series comprised of 40-minute location spotlight videos and a selection of 20-30 second micro-content videos, each spotlighting different aspects of the communities. From quaint eateries to breathtaking parks, we crafted narratives that would resonate with potential home buyers and encourage them to explore these neighborhoods with Kailee.


Following the launch of The Tedesco Tea, we saw a significant increase in Instagram engagement, translating to a considerable boost in direct messages and real estate leads. Each released video drew the audience's attention, fostering increased interest in the real estate possibilities within the featured communities.


The collaboration of ALT with Kailee Tedesco on The Tedesco Tea was a success, enhancing Kailee's digital presence and connecting her with potential home buyers. By showcasing Southern California's unique communities, we not only highlighted Kailee's in-depth local real estate knowledge but also established her as the go-to expert for those considering a move to the area. The series underlines the power of authentic, engaging, and visually compelling content in the real estate sector.

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