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The Gordon Guide

The Gordon Guide is an engaging video series hosted by local expert Jake Gordon, providing unique insights into neighborhoods, businesses, and attractions. Launched in July 2022, the series has experienced a remarkable 20-fold increase in monthly engagement and generated over 40% more organic leads, establishing it as a trusted resource for audiences seeking valuable content and fostering meaningful connections across California.

The thought of coming up with a concept, filming, editing, and posting was overwhelming. Not any more!!!
Jake Gordon


At ALT Content Agency, we are proud to present a compelling case study highlighting the tremendous success of The Gordon Guide. Since its launch in July 2022, The Gordon Guide has revolutionized the way audiences engage with content and has become a powerful tool for driving organic leads. In this case study, we will explore the remarkable journey of The Gordon Guide, examining its impact on engagement metrics and the substantial increase in organic leads.


The primary objective of The Gordon Guide was to create an engaging and informative video series hosted by local expert Jake Gordon. Through these videos, we aimed to provide valuable insights, highlight local businesses, and capture the attention of our target audience. We sought to increase monthly engagement and generate organic leads, ultimately driving growth and establishing The Gordon Guide as a trusted resource for our viewers.


With a meticulous strategy in place, we developed The Gordon Guide as a captivating video series showcasing various neighborhoods, businesses, and attractions. Hosted by Jake Gordon, a knowledgeable and charismatic local expert, each episode took viewers on a virtual journey, providing a unique perspective and insider information.
We leveraged social media platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, to distribute the videos and engage with our audience. By sharing captivating snippets, behind-the-scenes content, and leveraging relevant hashtags, we increased the discoverability of The Gordon Guide and fostered a community of passionate viewers.


The results of The Gordon Guide have been nothing short of extraordinary. Since its inception, the series has experienced a staggering 20-fold increase in monthly engagement. This phenomenal growth can be attributed to the unique content, engaging storytelling, and the expertise of Jake Gordon. The audience has enthusiastically embraced The Gordon Guide, eagerly anticipating each new episode and sharing their excitement with friends and family.
Furthermore, the impact on organic leads has been remarkable. Through the organic reach and word-of-mouth marketing generated by The Gordon Guide, we have witnessed a substantial increase of over 40% in organic leads. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the series in driving interest and generating valuable leads through local businesses and communities.


The success of The Gordon Guide is a testament to the power of compelling storytelling, expert guidance, and community engagement. By combining Jake Gordon's expertise with visually captivating videos, we have created a trusted resource that not only entertains but also drives meaningful results. The remarkable 20-fold increase in monthly engagement and the significant boost in organic leads have solidified The Gordon Guide as a groundbreaking initiative within the content marketing landscape.

Moving forward, we will continue to leverage the immense potential of The Gordon Guide, expanding its reach and further strengthening its impact. We are proud to have played a role in building a platform that celebrates local businesses, promotes community engagement, and drives organic growth. The Gordon Guide has become a beacon of success, revolutionizing the way audiences engage with content and forging meaningful connections with viewers across California and beyond.
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